Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping

Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping

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We present the main Revamping services with EXFIRE360 for Fire-Gas and Power-Off systems, unique solutions centrally located in Italy, special cabinets with complex electronic circuits to meet customer’s complete engineering requirements, design systems, software conversion, logical cause effects, assembling start up in the field by the customer!

  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping
  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping
  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping
  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping
  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping
  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping
  • Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping


The basic functions of fire detection and fire extinguishing systems fall under European standard EN 54-1; This clearly outlines the exchange of information between the functions and the reference regulations for each of them (below). Fundamentals are the optional requirements, often on the certificates issued by the “Product Certification” Competent Bodies, the constraints of manufacturers with few requirements are often highlighted (often for SAVING).

To understand the concept just consider that:

– Standard EN54-2 provides 12 optional requirements, but NO OBLIGATORY,

– Standard EN12094-1 provides 13 optional requirements, but NOT OBLIGATORY.

– To have the standard product certificate the optional requirements do not work, SUFFICIENT ones are those “few” mandatory that provide the norm.

Is the system applying the optional requirements of EN54-2 and EN12094-1? Verify this!

It is worth mentioning that “the Law does not allow ignorance”; it must be ensured that the fire-fighting system sold with inside control and command centers has the mandatory optional requirements to meet the requirements required by field application.

This statement has its particular value if you consider the costs of the optional requirements that some companies (including SV Security Systems) have deliberately supported; Because of this, having the EN54-2 certification is not exhaustive to meet all the requirements the system calls for Revamping, the customer must apply for product certification and in detail the acquired requirements written by the Ente on the certificate, only then you will be able to see if the product sold is fit to make a Revamping.

To perform a Revamping of Fire Gas Centers, including all “Criminal Responsibilities”, all requirements are mandatory; Completing the Revamping and not being able to deliver the appropriate document and certification software to the customer It is a UNEMPLOYABLE ERROR. Let’s remember that these systems are used to prevent and save structures / people.


Over the past 10 years many firefighters have been commissioned by a number of customers around the world, many of whom have now no more assistance and spare parts.

Sv Security Systems has implemented a certified and certified system to perform the Revamping of Fire Gas Centers on all fire-fighting units of different brands. In addition to having the technical capability and expertise, SV is able to recreate from the source all the documentation needed to carry out the engineering by reporting the system as it was designed.


EN 54-2+A1 (Panel Control and signalaction)
List of optional functions with requirements
7.8 Output to fire alarm devices
7.9 Output to fire alarm routing equipment
7.10 Output to fire protection equipment
7.11 Delay to outputs
7.12 Co-incidence detection
7.13 Alarm counter
8.3 Fault signals from points
8.9 Output to fault warning routing equipment
9.5 Disablement of addressable points
10 Test condition
11 Standardized input/output interface
12.5 CIE contained in more than one enclosure
EN 54-4+A1 +A2 (Device power unit)

EN 12094-1
List of optional functions with requirements
4.17 Delay of extinguishing signal
4.18 Signal representing the flow of extinguishing agent
4.19 Monitoring ofthe status of components
4.20 Emergency hold device
4.22 Initiation of secondary flooding
4.23 Manual only mode
4.24 Triggering signals to equipment within the system
4.25 Extinguishing signals to spare cylinders
4.26 Triggering of equipment outside the system
4.27 Emergency abort device
4.28 Control of release time
4.29 Release of extinguishing agent for selected zones
4.30 Activation of alarm devices with different signals
EN 60079-29-1


The basic functions of a fire detection and fire control system of fire extinguishing systems fall within the EN 54-1 European standard, clearly outlining the exchange of information between functions and benchmarks for each of them.

The system in question provides the functions shown in Figure 1.

Fire Gas Control Panel Revamping

To obtain the Certificate, the following activities must be applied:

The engineering consists in the development of the documentation listed below, starting from the updated design documents and provided by the final customer.

· Fire alarm & detection panel wiring diagrams

· Fire alarm & detection panel dimensional drawings

Conversion of existing programming of the power plants 1019

On the basis of currently in operation in the fire panel programming (check the availability of the same by the final customer) will proceed to a conversion of software without modifying in any way the Tag and existing logical but merely to adapt the card types and its input and output numbers. At the end of the Revamping of Fire Gas Centers it is advisable to do general testing with those responsible for fire-fighting activities.

Material preparation at our laboratories

To optimize and minimize installation time, the EXFIRE360 will be pre-configured at our laboratories. The main operations that will be carried out are as follows:

· Assembling the CPU basket complete with EXBUSCPU and EXMASTERLCD;
· Load the previously programmed programming into the CPUs
· Assembling the I / O board with EXCANBUS card and I / O cards
· Assembling the display boards with EXBUSFR and EXMODLCD cards;
· Display programming with graphics and tags based on the previously implemented programming.

Assembling and wiring of the plant at the end customer

Assembling and wiring made at the end customer, carried out by specialized personnel and equipped with SV