The first web-fire teleservice fire and gas presents a series innumerable advantages:

  • teleservice fire and gas Software for graphic maps
  • teleservice fire and gas
  • teleservice fire and gas
  • teleservice fire and gas

The WEB-FIRE control room has been designed with the specific goal of being able to monitor the modular units of the EXFIRE360 panel exploiting also advanced diagnostics developed to meet the functional safety requirements in all aspects of hardware and software, as well as monitoring the condition of detection and extinguishing systems connected to it.

The Team SV Sistemi di Sicurezza makes available to its members a series of physical and computer support for the resolution of the problem or an improvement of the fire protection system plan, creating  in the customer total confidence in the protection and rescuing of human life management.

In today’s dynamic market, customers demand innovative solutions that increase business agility, optimize productivity and achieve sustainability objectives, all reducing the total cost of ownership.

An evaluation beyond the cost of the equipment and an improvement of business performance is needed in order to compete efficiently in this global market. SV Sistemi di Sicurezza can help you improve your performance with solutions and services reducing the total cost and meeting the needs of your customers.




In order to provide efficient and flexible methods to the customer, a company must have a strong technical and cultural organization about fire systems, experience acquired over the years, electronic and advanced software instruments, declarations and certificates that contain the life cycle of the production process, all targeted to have a proper remote management and facilitate troubleshooting, overcome user errors and reduce time of resolution.

System Start Up Service.

Ability to monitor and record all the Fire-Figthing & Gas Start Up system at the day of testing of remote and local technical, document and provide objective evidence to the customer or to the Site managers that all simulated events were foreseen in the cause-effects. Possibility of having an online support from the Control Room of SV to the customer after the start up stage and the delivery, for 3 Months is guaranteedteleservice fire and gas on the management of the plant, and electronic document updates, monitoring of fire protection system:

Field signals and panel boards diagnostics Service.

Possibility to adhere to the remote management service of the Fire-Figthing & Gas signals from the field by detecting the anomalies of the system, call warning to the customer of the unprotected areas by the fire system, the automatic intervention of the technician is not expected in this package, it occurs only after consultation with the managers of the customer.

Possibility to adhere to teleservice fire and gas management service of the power control unit operation and circuit boards, hardware blocks to verification of the controlling signals from the field by monitoring the system hardware, in this package you can consider the automatic intervention the technician.

Online periodic maintenance monitoring service.

Possibility to adhere to periodic maintenance Online service, often, after starting, the plants are repeatedly repaired by the customer internal or external personnel.

This package is useful to assure the customer that the operators who carry out the firefighting maintenance of the provided signals, after the alarm they are automatically compared with the signal of the original list of the start-up, if everything matches will be drawn up a document with positive outcome, otherwise the customer will be notified about the untested equipment.

DPR Service (project documentation of the remote file storage)

The “DPR” service (project documentation of the remote file storage) is useful for everyone, from the customer to the operator in the field, it consists in a dedicated 500 Mb web space reserved with multiple password levels access, where the whole project technical documentation generated for the start of the plants will be stored in our virtual servers, updated according to future events and accessible by the user.

The standard requirements are expressed in general reports and reports of the carried out maintenance, planimetries installed equipment and data sheets; block diagrams, wiring and dimensional diagrams, I / O list 4-20mA signals, Historical Archive of events, manuals, backup of programs and software.

All these documents are accesible through the Internet browser by the customer for an audit, by a technician for a planning download, etc. …, and so from the internet browser by accessing the website www.svsistemidisicurezza.com, the user can work in safety.