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SV Sistemi di Sicurezza is manufacturer of certified fire & gas control panels according to EN54-2 EN54-4 EN12094-1 EN60079-29-1 ATEX standards

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The Quality Management System (QMS) implemented by SV Sistemi di Sicurezza is in compliance with the principles and the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The main target defined in the quality system adopted by SV Sistemi di Sicurezza  is the continuous improvement of the customer satisfaction offering quality products which can meet their needs.

Our commitment consists in the continuous review, improvement and update of the Quality Management System focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, as well as the documents, the procedures and all the primary and the supporting processes and the sub-processes. The Quality Policy we have developed defines the principles and the goals in the middle- and long-term. 

The quality system of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza aims to reach substantial results through the achievement of the following goals:

  • Expansion of the foreign market with new potential customers providing certified fire & gas safety control panel complying with  EN54-2 EN54-4 EN12094 EN60079-29-1 standards
  • Implementation of services and advanced technologies according to the current national and international standards and to the company design parameters
  • Supply of designed instruments, on-line information and documents accessible to the internal staff and customers
  • Continuous training and improvement of the internal staff and development of their skills and competences.

In 2011, the Quality Management Systems of SV has been updated adding the manufacturing of fire alarm control panel in the certification scope; this has allowed to share our knowledge in the design and manufacturing of complex systems, including functional safety aspects and supervision software.

The design concerns EN54-2 EN54-4 EN12094 EN60079-29-1 certified fire ad gas extinction control panels, engineered for a low probability that the spurious event happens.

The production deals with fire ad gas extinction control panels with a series of internal production allow to customize the product providing also a software for the remote supervision.

In the last years the request of extinguishing control panels in Fire & Gas field has increased.

SV Sistemi di Sicurezza is offering an extinguishing Fire & Gas control panel which allows to manage all fire fighting system of a company with the world through different protocols: Canbus, Profibus, Modbus,etc..

In 2012 EXFIRE360 control panel has been realized but its booming increased after the application of new operative systems which granted the interaction between hardware and software with the other existing panels.

The integrated system, simple and powerful at the same time, has been introduced to avoid the installation of many little control panels.

The management of the plant through one control panel grants a space and cost reduction and a performance improvement.

The IT revolution won’t stop and the customer will request to interact always more with its control panel. In the next years, in the tele-assistance and tele-control fields will be carried out great strides.

The control of the plant will be possible from hundreds of kilometers, not only with videos but also with graphic maps which permit the identification of the exact point of the alarm signal.

Our most important national customers are: Eusebi-Silvani-Ansaldo, Eni, Snam, Marcegaglia, Selex, and many others. We have also lots of foreign customers from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Taiwan, Algeria, Egypt, Korea, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mexico and Japan.





“For the next step, the company has already clear ideas: working in the field of fire safety requires flexibility that allows us to translate all the novelties and changes that are taking place.”

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