The Fire Control Panel uses the EXFIRE360 cards of new technological conception, comes with its 4.3 ″ LCD color Touch Screen, differentiates the various fire-fighting modes of the conditions of Alarm, Excluded, Anomaly, Test, Rest, with different colors , in accordance with the Certification obtained EN54_2, EN12094, EN54-4.

The 4.3 ″ Touch Screen LCD screen has the purpose of making information on the priorities of the fire event visual and immediate, with the aim of “saving human life”.

A lot of up-to-date information is provided to the user on the absorption voltages of the electronic boards, of the individual 4-20mA channels; the operating temperature and humidity of each individual board, the serial number for self-recognition; all operating voltages 24Vdc, 5Vdc, 3.3Vdc as a real “Tester” tool; the resistive value of the single channel, the general absorption of the control panel in any condition, and the software monitoring of the hardware blocks of the boards.

About 10 different Hardware sections are monitored with control and verification of the internal SIL software, double drivers available to the board to communicate with the CANBUS protocol SIL2 certified, automatic exchange of redundant channels, and other useful information available directly in the manuals of the boards.

The operator can query the LCD Touch Screen card without difficulty, selecting the pages with a simple touch.



The CPU360 is equipped with 2 RS485 serial communication ports, 2 CANBus interfaces; 1 USB port for local software programming, 1 Ethernet communication port. The interface between this EXFIRE360 card and the various services of the control panel takes place via write / read accesses to preset addresses in the CPU I / O map.


The main function of the BUSCPU is to manage all redundant communications, from the exchange of CPUs to the exchange of TCP-IP, RS485, RS232 communication. All information will be displayed on the main display of the control unit, with the possibility of checking its operation.

The EXFIRE360 BUSCPU interface card is designed to contain and insert the CPUs in the bottom plate rack.


The BUSFR of the EXFIRE360 Series allows the housing of the various front panels. MODLCD touch screen display. It is interfaced with the CANBUS via two redundant 485 serial ports. Each internal CanBus basket must be interfaced with its own front BusLCD basket; even if in case of problems the CanBus can work without the BUSFR. The EXFIRE360 BUSFR card is accessed on the rear of the Rack, using the hinges to unlock the door.


The MasterLcd was created to display and vocalize all the information on the LCD Touch Screen. The operator interface of the new EXFIRE360 is composed of an 8 ″ Touch Screen graphic LCD, 22 LEDs for signaling and 24 function keys; a USB input to access the configuration with a USB key.
Its main functionality is the sorting of information.


4.3 ″ LCD color Touch Screen, differentiates the various fire prevention modes of the conditions of Alarm, Excluded, Anomaly; Test, Rest, with different colors, in accordance with the Certification obtained EN54_2, EN12094, EN54-4. The 4.3 ″ Touch Screen LCD has the purpose of making information on the priorities of the fire event visual and immediate; and with its Touch screen and internal menu, it becomes easy to approach information.


The EXFIRE360 card has 8 balanced 4-20 mA inputs and is complete with 7 open collectors programmable in Prealarm; Alarm and Fault for each supervised input line. All channels are individually programmable and the lines can be configured separately; setting pre-alarm / alarm level, line disabling, single or crossed line operation; single or double intervention.

Manages detection systems with conventional lines (not addressed); it is particularly suitable for use in systems with already existing detection lines and to control intrinsically safe systems. It is used to control devices such as pressure switches, discharge buttons, closing valves, open or closed contacts.

It is also very suitable for controlling technological safety systems. When it is initialized without the “Protection” programming software, an Open Collector is associated to all inputs which activates them in an alarm condition.


The EXFIRE360 card loop powers and manages a ring connection on which all the analog and digital addressable devices of the ESP series can be installed. In practice it behaves like a small autonomous control unit; able to signal alarm and fault conditions on the front display that occur on the controlled loop.

The maximum number of devices is 127 points for each loop. All the conditions read by the input devices (buttons, detectors, etc.) subsequently sent via Bus to the base CPU of the same board; as well as the EXFIRE360 CPU which processes and displays them appropriately.

The basic CPU after processing the information from the other EXFIRE360 cards inserted in the control panel racks; and sends to the EXLOOP-E card the instructions for the control cards (actuators) that the latter must activate. When the control unit is switched on, the EXLOOP-E board checks and records the presence of all the devices on the loop.


The EXFIRE360 card manages 8 digital input lines (channels 1-8) which can only assume the active or inactive states. On the front panel there is a display that indicates the status of the inputs (input active or inactive). The inputs of the EX8D I / O board are continuously monitored by the control unit which adapts the states of the outputs according to the preset logics.

Since the input connections are not monitored, it is recommended to use the card only for non-critical or safety related applications. The card is especially suitable for interfacing with other control panels or with other field cards, concentrators, etc.


The EXFIRE360 card EX2GSI has two redundant 4-20mA analog inputs with two thresholds that can be set on the card by programming; 7 Open Collector programmable in Prealarm; Alarm and Fault for each input line and two supervised relays with 2A capacity for gas valve blocks, etc.

The following types of transducers can be connected to this card: explosivity sensors, toxicity sensors, oxygen sensors; temperature sensors, generic 4-20mA sensors. Channels are tested continuously during operation. When the control panel is started, the signals are inhibited for 45 sec., To allow the line current to stabilize.


the EXFIRE360 combined card ex6ev ‐ c is dedicated to automatic shutdown; it is also certified according to the uni en12094‐1 standard; it contains in itself the whole of the input and output lines to carry out the discharge process in a complete way.

When the two cards are programmed to manage the switch-off function, the front display becomes unique, giving life to a single integrated card.
The LCD Touch Screen presents the status of all the input and output lines which are monitored for opening and short circuit.


The EXFIRE360 card controls 6 output lines and is capable of delivering a current of 2 A at 24Vdc for each output.
Line control is performed only when it is deactivated and can be configured individually for each line in the following ways:


It consists in supplying the load in rest conditions with a voltage of inverted polarity with respect to normal. This system is not able to control the efficiency of the load as the reverse voltage is blocked by a diode placed in series before the load and allows you to effectively control all resistive or capacitive loads (optical acoustic electronic plates  ) . In this mode the board is able to detect both the fault due to opening and the fault due to short circuit of the line.


In this case, in the rest condition, a current of about 2 mA is circulated through the load. In addition to the line, this system also controls the efficiency of the load and is therefore suitable for all inductive loads (solenoids, coils). In this mode the card is able to detect the fault due to line opening and the short circuit.

On the board there are two programmable SPDT contacts with different functions. These relays can be configured normally de-energized or normally energized. By selecting the normally energized mode, the anomaly condition is signaled even in case of power failure of the board.


The EXFIRE360 EXMULTIBUS interface card was created to manage various solutions for sending information on the EXFIRE360 system (alarms; anomalies, disabling, exclusions, general information on the power supply, everything that interfaces with the control unit).

Unique card of its kind, it manages 2 TX ‐ RX fiber optic inputs, 2 RS ‐ 232 serial, 2 RS ‐ 485 serial and 2 ethernet ports. The card manages a series of protocols.


The EXFIRE360 card EX8RO is a card with 8 clean C ‐ NC ‐ NO relays which is activated according to programmable logics.
It is therefore possible to activate each of the 8 outputs independently by associating it with events and states that occur in the other control unit boards or that are activated by remote commands (other control units or supervision system).