Story of SV sistemi di sicurezza

Vincenzo Polge is president of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza, a company whose core business is the design of fire and gas systems and the production of fire-fighting systems, which allow for the control and extinguishing of fires, especially in the oil & gas sector .

At the age of 22 in 1989, Polge founded SV as a sole proprietorship, focused on anti-intrusion security systems and access control. Behind him, the military service just completed; in his pocket, a diploma as an electronic expert; in the head, the passion for electronics and an uncommon flair (he had just invented the car that started itself). Right from the start, the watchword is high quality .

Vincenzo Polge was aware of the strength of the product and decided to promote nationwide: he acquired several jobs in Southern Italy, contract assignments to be completed in 4-5 months, mainly in large shopping centers such as GS, which required large plants electrical.


after that Polge desire to do pushed to take an additional step soon: in 1995 he took one of the first major firefighting jobs (which still remains his specialization today) for a very large Lodi chemistry company with a dust deposit to be secured; Since its inception, SV Sistemi di Sicurezza has around fifteen employees: the staff remains substantially stable over time, up to a peak of around 40 employees in the boom years between 2001 and 2002, when further product innovations are introduced. .

From 1996-1997 SV acquired important customers in the Oil & Gas sector, and from the following year, 1998, Polge decided to further focus on quality, obtaining, among the first, the ISO 9002 certification (and ISO 9001 three years later), earning with them the trust of the first multinationals.


It is the moment of true internationalization for SV: Germany, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and also “sensitive” countries such as Algeria, where operating on behalf of multinationals requires very high levels of personal security, where large oil extraction sites could not work without fire-fighting systems and SV boasted a high specialization.

This made the company different from the competition; Then, in 2005 a large multinational company asked SV in the role of Polge to re-produce an existing fire control panel on the market that was previously produced by another company, installed in over 3,000 sites around the world: SV has the possibility to build it. from scratch and maintain the existing park. But it is one thing to do the design and testing, it is quite another to build a power plant from scratch in compliance with all current regulations.


Finally in 2006 SV came to produce the first completely revised Model 1019 power plant. The finished product, its functionality and the HardwareSoftware improvement have given life to a product that was now discontinued, putting it back on the market in the Industrial sector. STORY of SV sistemi di sicurezza

In 2010 Polge decided to produce its own power plant, with the most advanced technologies in the world. The product comes out well and in 2012 the certification process begins with the IMQ institute.

Polge puts the utmost care in this project: at the national fire prevention forum, where he presents it, he gets the applause of the safety managers of the most important Italian companies and places over 150 orders in the following three years. The multinationals also set their sights on SV: the first acquisition proposals arrive, but Polge does not yield.

This is high technology, high Italian manufacturing made in Italy! The new products are successful and sell all over the world. New certifications are necessary, such as that dedicated to gas, fire and extinguishing (“today we are the only ones in Italy with a certified plant capable of detecting gas combined with fire detection functions”), and those to sell in Russia, Kazakhstan , Germany. The one for the USA is also in sight, “because in America we have very big requests but at the moment we can’t even make estimates”.

Up to Today; SV is an international producer of fire and gas plants for the oil & gas sector.


SV is organized in about 15 departments: the most important is the one dedicated to research and development. In sales, we work by registering with vendor lists (we have contacted at least 1,200 and we are accredited to about 50). Two people also in administration, six in the technical department, seven in production. Half of the staff are under 30. The percentage of graduates is the same. Everyone receives from 20 to 25 courses a year: SV invests heavily in training, according to the principle ” treat your employees well and they will treat your customers well ” ».

In 2018 SV obtained the certification for safety and health in the workplace according to BS OHSAS 18001 standards: as well as high quality, specialization and diversification of markets, safety is also a cornerstone for SV. During 2019 SV is already working on the transition to the new UNI ISO 45001 which will be completed by the end of the year. story of SV sistemi di sicurezza

The promotion remains as well as it was at the origin, even more: not a multilingual site but six sites for as many reference markets; an e-commerce site; a technical geolocation portal for all firefighting professionals worldwide interested in working with SV; and then a Facebook page, newsletter, investments in advertising. story of SV sistemi di sicurezza

SV Sistemi di Sicurezza provides a continuous update on the evolution of the legislation, with the newsletter every month we report various curious aspects of the fire regulations; from NFPA to EN 54-1. We take part in the most important national and international events, from the Fire Prevention Forum to the Hannover International Fair, one of the most important safety exhibitions in the world.

We collaborate with partners from the world caliber, we are currently included in the most renowned Italian Foreign Vendor Lists, we are protagonists in the production of modular fire-fighting power stations and power supplies, software for remote and local management, and we offer services of commissioning Italy / abroad, workshops and training at the end customer.


In 2019 SV celebrates its 30 years of activity: 30 years of national and international experience on OIL-GAS systems and production of Fire & Gas and extinguishing plants, 30 years of skills acquired and certified by national and international bodies, 30 years of commitment and seriousness.

In recent years there has been a growing demand for integrated Fire & Gas and Extinguishing systems, SV recommends and proposes the construction of integrated systems. By means of which it is possible to manage all the fire-fighting systems in the company; with a single control center. In practice, a single redundant intelligence capable of controlling all the systems installed; and communicating to the outside world with a series of different protocols; Canbus, Profibus, Modbus, etc.

The new generation EXFIRE360 control unit was built in 2012; although its development has intensified with the advent of new operating systems; that have allowed hardware and software to be interfaced with other existing control units. The integrated system, very powerful but also simple to use; it was created to avoid the installation of many small control units for the control of a specific system. Story of SV sistemi di sicurezza

The single management of all the systems installed also allows a reduction in the space used and maintenance costs and an increase in performance.

Where we Operate

The information revolution will not stop and the customer will ask more and more to interact with their security center. In the field of remote assistance and remote management, giant steps will still be taken.

In practice it will be possible to check your system even from hundreds of kilometers away; not only with video but also through graphic maps that allow the identification of the exact point of origin of the alarm signals.

Among our Italian customers are Ansaldo, Eni and Snam, Marcegaglia, Selex; while abroad there are orders in Germany, Holland, Spain and Turkey. In other countries outside the European Union such as Jordan, Taiwan, Algeria, Korea, Dominican Republic; Nigeria, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Kazakhstan and Russia, Mexico and Japan

Our company, SV Sistemi di Sicurezza is present both in Italy and in the rest of the world; operating in about twenty countries for the testing of power plants.

SV Sistemi di Sicurezza provides continuous updates on the evolution of the legislation; we report every month various curious aspects of the fire safety regulations, from NFPA to EN 54-1. So We participate in the most important national and international events; from the Fire Prevention Forum to the Hanover International Fair, one of the world’s most important safety exhibitions.

We collaborate with partners from the world caliber; so we are currently included in the most renowned Italian Foreign Vendor Lists; we are protagonists in the production of modular fire-fighting power stations and power supplies, software for remote and local management; and we offer services of commissioning Italy / abroad, workshops and training at the end customer.