organization chart


Corporate chart of SV Sistemi Di sicurezza

the chart is the reference graph of the articulated structure of the various organs and phases of carrying out the operations of a company, an administration, an office.

SV sistemi di sicurezza to achieve your goals, refer to your organization chart below; so avoid any confusion and overlap where more work needed to go ahead at the same time; as further detailed in our Mansion. For this purpose; the chart divides the various roles and makes it possible to have well-defined business positions that allow the replacement of staff with any role, even in key positions; without creating any unreasonable normal organizational-management process so that in case of a possible lack of staff can replace it so that we can always be efficient on the field.

The Management has defined and disclosed the functions and their interrelations as well as their responsibilities and authorities in order to promote effective quality management.
The tasks and responsibilities of the specific business functions are as follows:

  • organization chart;
  • nominal chart: made known within the company and accessible by employees at any time;

description of the company’s functions with the corresponding responsibilities and competencies required. The handicap is recorded in the SW Mago Net mask (Roles: skills and handicap).
In this way, it is possible to define their tasks in a unique; precise and immediate way, so that they can clearly emerge:

  • direct responsibilities and responsibilities; as far as specific reference to the production and management reference of appliances intended for use in explosive atmospheres;
  • the activities for which they are required to provide the necessary collaboration in view of the continuous improvement of the Company;
  • information flows and interfacing interfaces.
Organization Chart