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Corporate organization of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza

The company organization chart is the reference to an articulated structure showing the various company figures and  phases.

In order to achieve its goals, SV Sistemi di Sicurezza refers to below organization chart: this allows to avoid any confusion and overlap when many works have to be together completed, as also mentioned in SV job description. For this purpose, the organization chart splits out all the various roles and allows to have well-defined business positions in order to replace every figure, even the key positions, without creating any failure in the normal organizational and process management and to be always efficient on site.

SV Management has defined and disclosed the functions and the interrelationships, as well as the responsibilities and authorities to grant an efficient quality conduct.
The tasks and responsibilities of the specific business functions are disclosed through the following documents:

  • organization chart;
  • nominal organization chart: this is an internal document which always available for SV employees
  • description of the company functions with the related responsibilities and requirements

The job description is available on the SW Mago Net (defining roles, skills and job description).
Thanks to this, it is possible to define the tasks in a unique, precise and immediate way in order to get:

  • the direct responsibilities and the specific ones indicating the production reference person and the manager of devices intended for  explosive atmospheres use;
  • the activities where it is required to provide the necessary collaboration for a continuous improvement of the Company;
  • information flow and interfacing interfaces.
Organization Chart
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