SV is a manufacturer of Fire Gas plants and, with all-round technologically advanced services and solutions for the management of fire-fighting systems.
With thirty years of experience in the Fire Gas field, the company is one of the main competitors and players in the field, both in the national and international market.
In 2009 SV Sistemi di Sicurezza invested internally to create a new research and development department in the Fire Gas field. SV has always paid attention to internal staff growth and to the new generations. Among the various steps required to provide a fire protection system, training plays an important role.

Over the years SV has acquired considerable experience in training the personnel involved in the operation of fire safety systems. The documented experiences of our specialists guarantee a professional service to all our customers.


The EXFIRE360 Fire Gas plants is the core business of the company and is certified according to current regulations for applications with a high risk of fire.

It was entirely developed in our laboratories in Italy, which have also patented the system. The experience gained by the company has traced the path towards an innovative, competitive and constantly evolving power plant.

Our team provides inspection, testing and maintenance of fire and gas systems both nationally and internationally.

Constant research has suggested setting up an area dedicated to real fire simulations.

The test area is used for testing new products, such as flame, gas or extinguishing agents detectors.

The technical team of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza provides a series of remote control services that support the resolution of faults, without having to organize an inspection.

Fire safety engineering is a complex discipline, which faces the problem of the choice and the most appropriate safety measures with scientific methods. Our skills allow us to carry out a complete assessment of potentially explosive atmospheres, whether they are due to the presence of gas or incendiary dust.