System description

Fire protection systems are made mainly made by 2 types of systems:
-Fire extinguishing

These two systems are connected to provide a complete system against container fires

Fire detection system description

Fire detection is provided by a thermo-sensitive cable that goes on all the cieling of the
containe or by thermal detectors.
The container is divided in three different rooms: the fuel room, the main diesel engine room
(with batteries) and a local control room.

Two straight cables are installed on he cieling of the first two rooms.
The two cables are installed on parallel tracks; each track covers the ceilings of two rooms.
A manual button is located outside for manual alarm
There is also an acoustic-visual alarm installed on the outside of the container wall to provide a visual and audible signal in the event of fire detection.
This system is directly connected to the panel “of fire protection units” (FPP), which is separated and is installed in a dedicated control room.

The fire alarm is also displayed on FB.

After the activation of two linear heat detectors (2oo2), the heating cables give a signal to the PPF that provides the information platform of ESD (B8-73-AU-112/212). In this condition, the system of protection against fire is activated automatically, as described in paragraph 4.2.1.

n case of failure of a linear heat detector, the Logis 2oo2 and 1oo1 are relegated to the activation of a heat detector causing the same actions of the 2oo2 logic described above.
In a fire alarm, the outdoor siren will sound and the signal is activated a visual signal to alert the operator to the presence of fire (73-HRN-131/231) and / or the immediate discharge for extinction.
manual fire alarm:
The irrigation system is also equipped with a manual alarm point: the operator can manually aattivare the alarm in case of fire by pressing the external button (73-HS-121/221).
Extension of the philosophy of the system:
The diesel engine contained in the container is protected by a GI of the fire suppression system 541, consisting of Main and RESERV, which can be activated automatically or manually.


Automatic sunset printing system activated


Automatic activation is only allowed to be with / without the selector (B8-73-HS-114/214) is placed on the state INCLUDED.
The automatic IG exhaust system 541 is controlled by the fire alarm system, the fire alarm control panel, which provides a voltage to the solenoid valve 24V solenoid mounted on the tap of the pilot cylinder.