SV at Fiera Milano Sicurezza 2021: between innovation and certification in highly complex fire & gas systems

The Milan Safety Fair 2021 represented the privileged showcase to show the entire range of control units produced by SV Sistemi di Sicurezza: from the now classic EXFIRE360; whose certification portfolio has been further enriched with the new Russian EAC / TR CU certification and the upcoming naval and ATEX certifications; to the more compact mini-EXFIRE and ELITE versions.

The recent compatibility and interconnection check of the EXFIRE360 system obtained by SV according to the EN 54-13 standard has aroused particular interest; a goal that will allow the control unit and its compatible devices to be fully usable where simultaneous product certification and system validation are required.

A further element of success is represented by the distributed logic control units made with remote chassis, unique in the panorama of high-end fire control units. This architecture was presented to the users of the Fair through a real system consisting of a network of three exchanges and the relative remote units; simulating the alarm signals and verifying the immediate response of the system. This mini-system was simulated with monitoring using Advancis Winguard supervision software; combining the powerful EXFIRE360 platform with the most flexible plant monitoring solution.

SV Sistemi di sicurezza

Ultimately, the visitors of Sicurezza 2021 were able to appreciate the distinctive features of the SV systems, such as the modularity of the control units; the versatility of the solutions, the multi-certification for use in industrial applications, in areas at risk of explosion, in highly complex sites, and, in the short term; in marine applications. Last but not least, the SV systems represent one of the most advanced solutions for the network management of integrated fire detection and alarm systems; gas detection and automatic fire extinguishing.

The following video offers a summary of the Security 2021 experience to those who were unable to attend the Fair and to those who wanted to resell our systems. Also visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter, to stay updated on product news, new certifications and to obtain periodic newsletters on standardization in the field of fire detection written by our specialists.