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  • EXFIRE360 card
  • EXFIRE360 card
  • EXFIRE360 card
  • EXFIRE360 card
  • EXFIRE360 card

EXFIRE360 panel is controlled by two redundant CPUs. A LPC2468 processor is mounted on EXCPU360 modules, and it is also equipped with two RS485 ports, two CAN Bus interfaces, 1 USB port for local programming and 1 Ethernet interface. The interface between the CPU and the panel functions is executed through a series of read/written instructions at predefined addresses in the I/O memory map of the CPU. The following block diagram defines the interfaces between the CPU and the peripherals.

BUSCPU has been designed to control redundant communications, from CPU switchover to TCP/IP, RS485 and RS232 links. Communication parameters are displayed on the panel, in order to provide a complete supervision to the operator. BUSCPU has also the specific function of a backplane board which connects the CPUs.

BUSFR board has been designed to support and connect the touch-screen interfaces of the I/O modules. It can interface with CANBUS board via redundant RS485 links. Each CANBUS board shall be provided with its related BUSFR module even though CANBUS is functionally independent from BUSFR. The BUSFR can be inspected on the rear side of swing frames.

Masterlcd card has been engineered to visualize the system information on touch screen interface. The operator interface of EXFIRE360 consists of an 8 graphical touch screen display, 22 led for the status indication, 24 function keys, a UBS port for panel configuration. Its basic function is to provide a clear indication of the status of inputs and outputs.

4,3 Touch-screen display shows the status (Alarm, trouble, disabled, test, normal) of devices, according to EN54-2, EN12094, EN54-4 standards. This display provides immediate and intuitive information of inputs and outputs with additional submenus which can be accessed by pressing the relevant touch-screen icons.

EX8SI card operation is monitored by a humidity and temperature sensor; these values are shown on the touch screen operator interface (ModLcd) of the module. The card provides eight 4.20 mA supervised inputs and seven open collector outputs, which can be associated to preliminary alarm about alarm and fault warning conditions of the supervised inputs. Preliminary alarm and alarm thresholds, line disablement and operating modes of each input (single or cross zoning, dual steps) are programmable with Protection software.

Loop card is able to control a loop circuit with ESP range of analogue addressable fire detection products. Practically, it acts like a small autonomous control panel which can indicate trouble and alarm conditions occurring on the controlled loop. The maximum number of devices is 127 points for each loop. All the devices conditions are delivered to EXFIRE360 card and to the main CPUs of the panel. These ones act like the logic solver, thus transmitting the command of the actuators to the EXLOOP card.
Once powered on, EXFIRE360 card checks the number and IDs of the devices connected to the signaling line circuit.

The board can manage 8 digital input lines (channels 1-8) and assume only the states of “on” or “off”. On the frontal panel there is a display showing the status of the inputs (active or inactive input). The inputs of EX8D I / O are continuously monitored by the Central adapting the states of the outputs according to the logic default values. If connection input is not monitored, it is recommended to use the board only for non-critical type or safety-related applications. The board is particularly suitable for interfacing with other stations or other field boards, concentrators, etc. ..

EXFIRE360 card has two inputs EX2GSI analog 4-20mA redundant with two thresholds set by programming tab, 7 programmable open collector warning, alarm and Fault for each line input and two relay with supervisees rated current 2A for blocks of gas valves, etc.. This board can be connected to the following types of transducers: explosiveness sensors, toxicity sensors, oxygen sensors, temperature sensors, generic 4-20mA sensors. The channels are tested in a continuous way during operation. At the beginning,  the main signals are inhibited for 45 sec. to allow the line current to stabilize.

The combined statement is dedicated to EX6EV-C automatic extinguishment and it is certified in compliance with UNI EN12094-1 standard. It holds the composed set of lines of input and output to achieve the complete discharge. When the two boards are programmed to manage switch-off the frontal  display becomes unique, creating a single integrated board. The LCD touch screen shows the status of all the lines of input and output which are monitored for open and short circuit.

The 6 board controls the output lines and it is able to deliver a 2 amps current  24Vdc to each output. The line control is executed only when deactivated and can be configured individually for each line in the following ways:

It consists in loading a voltage of reversed polarity compared to normal during rest condition. This system is not able to control the efficiency of the load as the reverse voltage is blocked by a diode in series before the load and allows to effectively control all the loads of resistive or capacitive (optical plates electronic hearing). In this way, EXFIRE360 card is able to detect both the fault for opening and the short-circuit fault of the line.

During rest condition this is made to circulate a current of about 2 mA through the load. This system, in addition to the line, also controls the efficiency of the load and it is therefore suitable for all the loads of the inductive type (solenoids, coils). In this way, EXFIRE360 card is able to detect the fault for opening of the line and the short circuit. There are also two SPDT programmable with different functions. These relays are configurable as normally de-energized or normally energized. Selecting the mode “normally energized” the condition of anomaly is signaled even in case of power failure of the board.

The interface board is designed to handle various solutions of information delivery onto EXFIRE360 system  (alarms, faults, disabled, exclusions, general information on the power supply and everything is interfaced with the control). This board is unique: it manages 2 TX-RX fiber optic inputs, 2 RS-232, 2 RS-485 serials and 2 Ethernet ports. The board manages a set of protocols.

EXFIRE360 EX8RO card is a card with 8 free relay C-CN-NO: it activates the second programmable logic.
It can then enable each of the 8 outputs independently associating them to events and it states what occurring in the central or in other cards that are activated by remote control (other central or monitoring system).


EXFIRE360 card fire alarm and fire fighting control panel is provided with a 4,3 LCD Touch Screen.

EXFIRE360 card

There is a colored Touch-screen display for each Input/Output boards; this allows to identify fire alarm, trouble, disabled, test and normal condition of the channels, as required by EN 54-2, EN 54-4, EN 12094 s, EN60079-29-1 ATEX  standards.

Aim of the display is to provide an immediate warning to the generator, printing the power supply parameters of the card (governant, etc..), temperature and humidity.
Therefore the display acts as real-time multimeter: this is a significant innovation in card diagnostics.
Ten different hardware sections are monitored (including their software), while redundant SIL 2 CanBus protocol is used for the communication between EXFIRE360 card and CPUs.
The touch-screen interface makes easy the supervision of the system, by pressing the menu available for each EXFIRE360 card.

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