A new department

In 2009 SV Sistemi di Sicurezza felt compelled to invest a considerable sum for the creation of a new Research and Development department in the field of Fire Gas.

The company’s policy has always been rigorous for internal staff growth and, above all; particular attention to the new generations. The creation of this new department has triggered over time a series of mechanisms for the continuous professional improvement of personnel.

Innovation is the applicative dimension of an invention or a discovery; it concerns a process that guarantees greater results, even if not always effective and better than what is going to innovate. The change that leads to worsening of conditions is not Innovation: it is Regression.

The practical example came the following year in 2010; when the first draft design of a product was born in which the company seriously wanted to invest and create, the vision of this prototype summarized the experience acquired in 25 years of activity in the national field. and International.

EXFIRE360 latest generation control unit is born. The initial specifications of the plant for its construction were recovered and written after a long experience in the national and international field, of system applications with various plants of different brands.

SV has made a virtue of necessity; developing Fire Gas Research and Development in the Fire Protection sector in the construction and production of control units for the detection of Smoke, Gas; Flame, Extinguishing fire of the EXFIRE360 series.


In 2012 the EXFIRE360 prototype born in the fire gas research development department became a reality; he made his first national and international outing in June 2012; a long and complex work, but the objectives set were achieved; presenting the first control unit in the world with CanBus and Touch screen technology.

Thanks to all the technical staff for having achieved the EN 54-2, EN54-4, EN12094-1; EN60079-29-1 Atex,, Gost Russa ,, Hochki Certifications and for concluding the patenting of the same; a real record of certifications, taking into account that it will soon be IEC 61508 SIL 3, UL 864 Certified.


A new concept of Information and Mitigation that takes place between the user and the engineered system and protected by a complete interaction with remote supervision. The new EXFIRE360 control unit is a programmable modular unit; extremely versatile and capable of carrying out integrated fire prevention functions; technological alarm management and serial management of various protocols.

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