Event with the Chamber of Commerce and the Romanian Confidustria

SV sistemi di sicurezza, first formal meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and the Romanian Confindustria.


On 19th May 2016 c/o the Romanian Chamber of Commerce a meeting with the Institutions and a pool of companies involved in the project Romanian-Italian Chamber of Commerce has been kept. The president of the Chamber of Commerce opened the session introducing the future plans and several collaboration with Italian companies.

One of the most well-known Italian companies is “D’Appolonia Rina” for which the chief executive Mr. Paolo Barbieri and his collaborators spoke up.

The Chamber must not be thought only as an Institution, but also as focal point for the Italian commerce in Romania.

In order to reach these goals, we make available knowledge, professionalisms and competences, so that we can help you entering in this new econmic context.


To promote and intensify the trade exchanges between Italy and Romania;

To provide correct information and ready to generate a competitive advantage;

To create partnerships and increase the number of members;

To support the concept of competitiveness.

To demonstrate that the “Made in Italy” is more than a label.

To promote the European integration principles, of transparency and best practices;

To support the interest of the own members


Opening towards the Romanian-Italian and Italian-Romanian business environments;

Quality of the offered services;

Cordiality and Availability;

Credibility, Honesty, Integrity;


Continuous innovation;

Performing team with evident results;

Transparency of the provided information;

Communication and positive feedback.

In the second phase of the meeting the OIL-GAS Ploiesti University Dean has spoken, introducing the University and the applied methods and their predisposition in making grow the new generations in order to insert them in the working world with excellent results and satisfaction.

Ploiesti University has been founded in Bucarest in 1948 as Oil and Gas Institute. It is oriented towards, in a preliminary matter, the training of specialists with higher education for the main Romanian oil & gas industries. The creation of this institution was the consequence of the romanian specialsist experience, of the technical and scientific  results obtained in the oil and gas sector. In 1992,the oil & gas institute has been transformed in the Ploiesti University. The transition towards the status of university has been imposed by the apparition of new faculties and departments in the field of economic and humanistic sciences. For a better representation of the tradition, as well as its modern structure, the name of Ploiesti University has been changed in 1993 in “Oil and Gas” Ploiesti University.

At the moment, the UPG academic structure includes 5 faculties: Oil & Gas engineering, Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Department of Oil and Petrochamical Technology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Letter and Science

On 19th May 2016 c/o Confindustria the general meeting for the election of the new president and the 2016-2017 objectives has been carried out. The Romanian Confindustria is the association at Italian entrepreneur service in Romania. It was born in 2011, but it works as Patronage recognized by the Government in 2005 as “Unimpresa Romania” (active since 2003 in Romania), supporting and defending the interest of the Italian entrepreneurs in Romania. The idea at the base of the creation of an association at the Italian company service which choose to start an internationalization in Romania, is not new: in 2002 a conspicuous community of Italian entrepreneurs in Romania began to take shape and the concept of outsourcing changed. In fact, more and more Italian companies choose to carry out the entire productive cycle abroad, rather than separate the phases of their activity in different modules, localizing them in different countries in order to exploit the different localization conditions. The companies need support and orientation in their outsourcing path, in order to understand better the dynamics which the companies test in their expansion on the international markets. Fundatia Sistema Italia Romania born at this purpose, it associates Confartigianato, Confindustria, the Ance and the five biggest Confindustria territorial structures, in order to support the Italian companies which want to start their own activity in Romania and aimed to resolve the problems which the companies meet when starting their activity in Romania.
As previously mentioned, the managing director of D’Appolonia East Europe Paolo Barbieri explained the history of RINA which has 150 years and it is a global society at the customer of all the world service. D’Apollonia SpA is the operative part of RINA developing and offering Engineering services such as Consulting Engineering, Design, Work Supervision, Special Studies and Operability.

D’apollonia, originally founded in 1956, jointed with the RINA in 2011. Recently, our capability, the staff and the experience have been increased from the fusion of C. Engineering, Projenia and part of RINA Services, making the company a market leader.

D’Apollonia is a team of engineers, consultants, designers, and specialists supporting the public bodies and deprived from the concept of deactivation, through consultancy, design, management, functioning and maintenance.

Our company works in the fields of energy, transports and infrastructures and the support investors. We provide a wide range of services, such as feasibility and specialist studies, design, work supervision, management of the site of warranty of functionality.

Moreover, we offer the technical capabilities to cover all aspects concerning the environment, health and safety, geosciences and innovation for the specific applications.

With  a staff of about 700 engineers, scientists, professional people associated and situated in 20 offices in the world, D’Apollonia offers high level services for the investors, promoters, operators and supplier, as well as for the insurance brokers and the public administration, in order to support their ventures.

SV is a manufacturer of Fire & Gas detection and extinguishing systems, which provides services and solutions technologically advanced for the automatic control of fire protection equipment. On the basis of the thirty-year experience in the field of oil&gas around the world, the company has become one of the main competitors on both national and international markets.

Among the various steps, necessary to provide a firefighting system, the training is very important. Over the years, SV acquired a relevant experience in the training of the staff that is in charge of the firefighting system functioning. The documented experiences of our specialists guarantee a professional service to all our customers.

EXFIRE360 control panel is the core business of our company and it is approved according to the current laws and standards for the high risk of fire applications. It has been entirely developed in our laboratories, which have also patented the system.

The experience matured by the company traced the path towards an innovative, competitive and in continuous evolution panel.

Our team provides inspection, testing and maintenance of gas and firefighting system both nationally and internationally.

The constant research suggested to institute an area dedicated to the real fire simulations. The test area is used for the experimentation of new products such as flame, gas detectors or extinguishing agents.

The technical team of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza provide a series of remote supervision services which support the malfunctioning resolution, without organizing an on-site inspection.

The firefighting engineering, is a very complex discipline, which deals with the problem of the most suitable choice and the most suitable safety measure through scientific methods.

Our competences allow to carry out a complete assessment of the potential explosive atmospheres, both due to presence of gas and fire powders.