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SV: GLOBAL SAFETY AT WORK AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH DET-TRONICS Staff Training An important investment that the SV Management, represented by Vincenzo Polge and Monica Arnoldi, wanted strongly for their company. The competition sees the newly industrialized countries able to offer more and more a good level of quality and an ever higher level [...]

OHSAS 18001


ohsas 18001 SV SISTEMI DI SICUREZZA CERTIFICATE OHSAS 18001 SV Sistemi di Sicurezza has been certified OHSAS 18001. It is probably one of the strictest certifications in the world in the area of Occupational Safety and Health Protection. An important investment that the President Polge Vincenzo wanted in his company, [...]

The fire risk assessment and the active protection systems: the builder’s point of view


The Fire Prevention Forum 2016 (21-22 September) will be kept “at our home”, that is our city. This will be an occasion to face a salient topic in the fire prevention field: the fire risk assessment in the industrial activities and its impact on the active protection system performances, of which our company deals with [...]

Corso Sicurezza Funzionale SIL Giugno 2015


Corso Sicurezza Funzionale Sil Giugno 2015 In campo internazionale sono state emanate norme inerenti sistemi composti da dispositivi di diversa tipologia e natura (elettrica, elettronica, meccanica ed elettromeccanica) uniti per formare catene di sicurezza e ormai universalmente conosciuti come SIS (Sistemi Strumentati di Sicurezza). DESCRIZIONE DEL CORSO: Il corso presenta una visione d'insieme dei [...]

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