RUSSIAN CERTIFICATION EAC   SV Sistemi di Sicurezza has obtained the new Russian EAC certification. An important goal for the company, the constant commitment to confront other nations and certify an Italian product is not always such an achievable path; but in our specific case SV has succeeded in the

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FIERA SICUREZZA 2021 Un caro saluto ai nostri lettori, Dopo quasi 2 anni di digiuno dalle fiere eccoci con Sicurezza 2021 Milano. Manca ormai poco più di un mese a SICUREZZA 2021 e SV sistemi di sicurezza e lo Staff SV sarà lieto di accoglierTi nel Padiglione 5, Stand

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EN 54-13

EN 54-13 CERTIFICATE   Obtaining the EN 54-13 certificate constitutes a further step in the strategic partnership between SV, Autronica and Det-Tronics, which will make it possible to offer an increasingly wide range of solutions and products, as well as design, construction, programming, commissioning, onsite and off-site

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