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Fire Certificate power supply EN54-4 redundant RPS 80A LE-Ra-SBC-24 has been certified by SV Sistemi di Sicurezza, integrated into the EXFIRE360 panel, with RS485 serial port for centralization of information on current and settings, readings with RPS characteristic (redundant power supply), capable of handling high energy capacity 80A, supplied by external battery packs with capacity of up to 700Ah. The system provides a voltage proportional to the final charge voltage ( 27.6 Vdc @ 20 ° C), with a power configuration in N 1 redundancy through 2 pull-out drawer units placed on a mechanical rack 19 “1U called FPS- S/1U, or different configurations type N 2 (1 Rack FPS S/1U complete with 3 feeders FPS1000-24), or a configuration N M 1 (including 2 rack FPS S/1U in parallel, with each 2 FPS1000-24) that can be implemented in the event of AC power sources different.

Certified power supply EN54-4 with redundant RPS 80A includes groups of batteries mixed series / parallel external (typically batteries lead-calcium hermetic type VRLA FIAMM or traditional vessels fillable) that, with the presence of AC electrical power, are kept in charge thanks to the control system on board, which, through the reading of the internal current branch battery, modulates the output voltage of the / racks to maintain the charge profile as explained below.

The batteries are sealed lead-acid type without refilling. The part of the power will be made in accordance with the applicable legislation in force, and in any case will be reported and reduced possible points of contact with the power supply. The power supply will be carried out in accordance with EN 54-4 A1. EN54-4 certified power supply redundant 80A RPS will be able to provide information to the control unit and it can report fault and malfunctioning conditions.

It can stop the primary network (upstream) to test the service in secondary power supply. The charger / power supply will be dimensioned to work 72 hours in the absence of network power. The lack of primary power will be reported. The anomaly of disconnected batteries will be indicated on the control panel.

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